Adele and her team were both professional and compassionate throughout our journey to set up an agreement between us as a couple and a known egg donor. They understand the emotional side of the journey so well and their legal knowledge on the subject is exceptional. I would recommend Adele and her team to anyone in our situation.


Good day, Infertility can be a cruel thing to go through, when my Clinic told me I need to see Lawyers as part of the process it nearly crushed me. I felt like they were inconsiderate of what I was going through already. But it all changed when I called Adele Van Der Walt Attorneys, immediately I was greeted with so much love and welcomeness that I didn't expect. I explained my situation and referrals to them, and they immediately started with my paperwork. Financially one is exhausted at that time so I kept on thinking of travelling expenses and charges but when they agreed to help me via emails and phone call I was more than happy, after few exchanges of paper work and phone calls they sent me a draft of the Contract between me and my Donor, only then I realised that the whole process was to protect my Child and make sure he/she has the best future life possible. It was really nice working with the Team, and I have learned a lot and Pray that others like me get so lucky to cross paths with this Company for best results. Thanks


Good day, Dear Adele van Der Walt Inc. and Team, Adele assisted us with our second surrogacy application process and immediately upon meeting her we found her to be a very personable, skilled and knowledgeable surrogacy lawyer who is passionate about her vocation. She is genuinely devoted to assisting her clients to experience parenthood as soon as possible, and we were actually amazed at the constant feedback we received and how efficiently and speedily our application process progressed. This is due to her superior skills set within her field of expertise and her genuine devotion to assist all of her clients to experience the absolute joy of parenting. As a family orientated person herself, she knows and understands the longing we all have to hold that baby in our arms for the first time - which in our case turned out to be two - a beautiful and healthy boy and girl, who have enriched our lives beyond and measure. During our first meeting with her, we were very impressed by Adele's ability to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy to expedite our application process. She is simply and amazing people's person and an extremely competent surrogacy and fertility law attorney. So it is an absolute privilege for us to recommend Adele van der Walt, who in our opinion is one of the best surrogacy lawyers in the country, to any couple who has no other option but to follow the sometimes arduous surrogacy route in order to become parents. She has made our journey so much easier than we could ever have anticipated. Due to her warm-hearted and friendly nature. She is very kind, supportive person, who is extremely competent and knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She answered all our questions regarding the legal aspects pertaining to the Surrogacy law in South Africa to our satisfaction within minutes, weeding out all the her as being extremely competent, efficient and knowledgeable in the field of surrogacy laws to any couple, regardless of their varying backgrounds and dispositions whom we found to be an excellent attorney regarding the legal aspects of the intricate process of surrogacy law. Kind Regards