Adele and her team were both professional and compassionate throughout our journey to set up an agreement between us as a couple and a known egg donor. They understand the emotional side of the journey so well and their legal knowledge on the subject is exceptional. I would recommend Adele and her team to anyone in our situation.


Good day, Infertility can be a cruel thing to go through, when my Clinic told me I need to see Lawyers as part of the process it nearly crushed me. I felt like they were inconsiderate of what I was going through already. But it all changed when I called Adele Van Der Walt Attorneys, immediately I was greeted with so much love and welcomeness that I didn't expect. I explained my situation and referrals to them, and they immediately started with my paperwork. Financially one is exhausted at that time so I kept on thinking of travelling expenses and charges but when they agreed to help me via emails and phone call I was more than happy, after few exchanges of paper work and phone calls they sent me a draft of the Contract between me and my Donor, only then I realised that the whole process was to protect my Child and make sure he/she has the best future life possible. It was really nice working with the Team, and I have learned a lot and Pray that others like me get so lucky to cross paths with this Company for best results. Thanks