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Cost of Surrogacy

Expenses to Keep in Mind if You are Considering Surrogacy in South Africa

If you are an infertile couple or a single parent who want to make use of a surrogate in South Africa to help carry your children to birth, you need to ensure that you can cover the cost of surrogacy. Though surrogacy is only allowed for altruistic reasons in South Africa, there are still costs to the process.

The surrogate may not commercially benefit from the process, but as commissioning parents, you are responsible for payment of all costs associated with surrogacy, including the expenses of the surrogate as directly related to the process.

The cost of surrogacy includes all the medical assessments, the IVF process, hospitalisation and medical treatments of the surrogate, travel costs to and from the medical centres, and compensation for loss of earnings. You will be required to pay all the legal expenses associated with the drafting of the surrogacy agreement, the application to the High Court of South Africa, and the attorney fees.

It is an expensive process and part of meeting the requirements for surrogacy in South Africa is that you must be able to provide care for the child. This implies that you must be financially strong enough to ensure proper and reasonable care for the child. You will also have to pay for the psychological and social worker assessments.

The IVF process is expensive and it is not a guarantee that it will work the first time. You may need a second or third attempt, which carries costs. As such, it is imperative to speak to an attorney who specialises in surrogacy law to help you determine whether you meet the requirements, also when it comes to payment of expenses.

Keep in mind that you cannot provide the surrogate mother compensation on a monthly basis. The costs must be calculated and provided for in the agreement, which must be confirmed by a High Court of the country before you can commence with the IVF process. In addition to the above costs, you must make provision for the payment of a life policy for the surrogate mother for the period of surrogacy.

The cost per IVF treatment can be anything from R33 000 upwards to more than R60 000. It is thus imperative to save money to pay for such expenses and to consider the possibility of having to pay for two or more IVF treatments.

You must be able to prove that you are infertile and/or unable to carry and give birth to a child of your own. The gametes of at least one commissioning parent must be used in the IVF process. At least one of the commissioning parents must be resident in the country at the time of signing the agreement.

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