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Surrogacy Lawyers Near Me

How Can I Find Surrogacy Lawyers Near Me and Related Questions

“How do I find surrogacy lawyers near me, able to answer my questions and guide me regarding legal requirements and pitfalls to avoid?” Read on for answers to these and related questions.

First, the answer to the question of “Where can I find surrogacy lawyers near me?”

The Internet is the perfect start point. If you conduct a search in Google with your phone’s location set as “on”, the search results will show the attorneys closest to your location.

Surrogacy Lawyers Near Me

What if I’m in Pretoria – where can I find surrogacy lawyers?”

Adele van der Walt Incorporated is located in Pretoria at Lord Charles Office Park, Block B, Ground Floor, 337 Brooklyn Road.

Where can I find videos on the topic of surrogate motherhood in South Africa?

You can see expert insight by Adele van der Walt in videos on YouTube, specifically related to surrogate motherhood. Topics, such as the latest developments in the law regarding surrogate requirements, aspects related to the agreements, the legal definition of surrogacy, and why emotional and psychological assessments are necessary, are discussed.

Where else has the law firm published or talked about the topic?

Adele van der Walt has featured on numerous radio talk shows and has been quoted in several leading magazines. Visit the Media page on surrogate agreements here for links to publications and radio talk shows. Topics covered range from your rights and surrogate parenthood to changes in the law over the past few years.

Where can I find answers on the website to my questions on legal requirements for the agreements?

Visit the FAQ page for answers on questions related, but not limited to:

  • Termination of the pregnancy – rights of the commissioning parents and the rights of the surrogate.
  • Medical process for the surrogate.
  • Important considerations.
  • Legal requirements for becoming a surrogate in South Africa.
  • Rights of the commissioning parents.

I want to know more about the legal services available near me if I am the surrogate – where can I get more information?

Comprehensive information is available on the services page, specifically for surrogates.

To conclude on “where to find surrogacy lawyers near me”

Whether you want to read articles related to topics such as costs involved, the legal process, and how to find a surrogate in South Africa, and or want insight about the sperm/egg donor agreement, you can find more information in articles shared on surrogate agreements here. Call Adele van der Walt Incorporated at +27 (0) 12 460 3668 for legal help. Alternatively, use the online form to get in touch.


*Disclaimer: Information in this article is not intended as legal advice and is only for informational purposes. Please seek legal guidance from Adele van der Walt Incorporated before relying on this information to make any legal decisions. September 2021