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Adele van der Walt Incorporated is a medical law firm in South Africa under leadership of Adele van der Walt, a well-known authority on legal aspects of surrogacy in the country. With South African laws differing from other countries regarding surrogacy, it is imperative to obtain expert legal advice. We offer assistance in the following areas.

'n Ster is gebore - Sarie

Edwin Theron, op 13 die eerste Kokkedoortjie-wenner, het homself leer kook...

Ken jou regte

Ken jou regte wanner jy swanger is, 'n kind wil anneem of surrogaatskap oorweeg.


Surrogaatouers is nie' wettige ouers van kin, beslis die hooggeregshof...

Surrogacy no scheme

At no circumstances should money be exchanged for surrogacy other than the payment of costs incurred...

Surrogacy for Single Parents

Surrogates no longer legal parents. You do not have to adopt from birth mom.

Die van Surrogaatskap

Jul hunkering na 'n kleinding is groot en surrogaatskap jul laaste uitweg. Hier is wat ons almal moet weet

Law Proposals Spark

Changes to act will enable couples to 'shop around' for eggs and sperm.