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The playlist on the right contains all the videos by Adele van der Walt on the subject of Surrogacy in South Africa. You can also view our YouTube Channel. The playlist topics with the last item being the most recent.:

  1. Radio Pretoria - Medical Law & Surrogacy 28/07/2015
  2. Surrogacy Questions: Most Recent Developments and Cases
  3. Surrogacy Questions: Surrogacy Agreements
  4. Special Assignment - Surrogacy
  5. Surrogacy Questions and Answers (part 1)
  6. Surrogacy Questions and Answers (part 2)
  7. Adele van der Walt - The Children's Act 38 of 2005
  8. Surrogacy Prior to 01 April 2010
  9. Surrogate Motherhood: What Are Emotional Complications and How To Prevent This
  10. How Do You Become a Surrogate Mother and do You Get Paid
  11. Adele vd Walt - What is the Legal Definition of Surrogacy?
  12. Adele van der Walt - Surrogacy: A source of Hope!
  13. Adele van der Walt - What are the Legal Factors to Consider with Surrogacy?
  14. Adele van der Walt - Surrogacy - What's the purpose of the Psychological & Emotional Assessments?
  15. Adele van der Walt - Financial Factors with Surrogacy.
  16. Adele van der Walt - What are the Common Pitfalls of Surrogacy?
  17. Adele van der Walt - Who will opt for Surrogacy?
  18. How Widely Known is Surrogacy in South Africa?
  19. Surrogacy Is Not A Money Making Scheme
  20. Special Assignment 10/6/2018
  21. Special Assignment 18/3/2018
  22. ENCA News night 3/7/2019