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Basic Information about Estimated Costs for Surrogacy and Egg Donation in South Africa

Understandably, as commissioning parents you will want know the estimated costs for surrogacy and egg donation. However, each couple’s situation is unique. Standard costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Legal fees of the surrogacy attorney for setting up the surrogacy agreement and handling the application to Court for confirmation of the agreement.
  • Medical costs of the surrogate pregnancy including doctor visits, medication, treatments, pre-natal classes where relevant, hospitalisation and birthing.
  • Compensation for loss of income during the pregnancy if the surrogate is not able to work.
  • Egg donation cost where a donor egg is used in the IVF process.
  • IVF treatments and procedures.
  • Medical tests of the surrogate and your medical tests.
  • Psychological assessments of the surrogate and the commissioning couple.

The surrogacy process is by no means cheap and you should keep a budget for several IVF treatments as it is possible for the surrogate to have a miscarriage or to experience other complications.

More on the Topic of Egg Donation

If the female partner is unable to provide the gametes for the fertilisation then a donor egg is used. The egg is obtained from a young female aged 18 and older, but generally not older than 34 years. ┬áThe eggs are fertilised with the commissioning male partner’s gametes. The embryo(s) is inserted into the surrogate’s uterus who carries the baby to birth on behalf of the commissioning parents.

The egg donor is usually selected based on specific physical characteristics. Egg donors register at fertility clinics in South Africa and their information is kept confidential. As commissioning parents, you won’t know who the person is, but you will be informed about their physical attributes and their medical history as relevant in addition to background on their family history. Note that the identity of the donor is never revealed ensuring doctor-patient confidentiality.

Physical attributes can include hair and eye colour, skin tone, length, and built. Many couples are not particular about the physical attributes. Couples often also review the donor’s interests to assess whether they have common connections.

Egg donation doesn’t affect the donor’s chances of becoming pregnant since females are born with an infinite number of eggs and only one egg is used per ovulation cycle, while the body discards several other eggs per cycle. With fertilisation medication the donor’s body can indeed rescue some and from this group donation takes place.

As commissioning parents you will be the recipients and thus responsible for the medical costs associated with egg donation. The egg donor has a right to compensation for the total as set by law. The compensation is for the time and discomfort, as well as expenses the donor goes through and you thus don’t buy the eggs. The eggs are donated. Note that the donor doesn’t have any contact with you and also has no parental or contact rights regarding the child born from the surrogacy using her donor eggs.

For estimated costs and legal information about surrogacy and egg donation, we recommend that you contact our team at Adele van der Walt Incorporated.