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Surrogate Mothers in South Africa

The Role Of Surrogate Mothers In South Africa

When some people think of the term ‘surrogacy’, they may perceive the process of surrogate motherhood as a slightly shady deal involving money changing hands for babies behind closed doors.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Our surrogacy laws are strictly laid out in the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, which came into effect on 1 April 2010, and the perception of surrogate mothers in South Africa is rapidly changing.

Essentially, surrogate mothers in South Africa are altruistic and unselfish by nature, enabling intending parents to ‘borrow’ their wombs in order to assist in creating the miracle of life.  These are selfless, giving woman who, having experienced one or more pregnancies and raising a child or children of their own, are moved to offer themselves as conduits to those unable to bear their own children, so that they too, may experience the innumerable joys of parenthood.

Surrogate mothers in South Africa know that they will not be paid for this compassionate service - they simply do it for the love of giving.  They are, however, reimbursed for any applicable expenses related to the surrogacy: any costs related to the in vitro process; hospital and medication bills during the pregnancy and post-birth; travelling and accommodation costs; loss of earnings and any other related expenses.  When the surrogacy is over, they hand over the little being they nurtured and carried for nine months to the happy new parents, who are now legally able to fill in their names on the birth certificate without first undergoing the full adoption process.

In light of this, surrogate mothers in South Africa have been likened to angels in disguise by couples yearning to have their own child.  Some parents even choose, at some time in the future, to tell their child about his or her origins and the special woman, their surrogate mother, who delivered them safely into the hands of their family.  Should you be considering becoming a surrogate mother, contact Adele van der Walt Incorporated, experts in surrogacy and related matters in South Africa.