When all hope is lost, and life seemed gloomy after several miscarriages that were emotionally draining. We approached a fertility clinic that fortunately referred us to Adele van der Walt for assistance in securing surrogacy agreement and contract from the High Court.

We found them highly efficient, informative, friendly, and organized. Our contract was approved on the first submission without any hitches.

We’re very grateful that we are now proud parents of 2 beautiful daughters and will still return to Adele van der Walt Inc. for more assistance.


After a long and difficult road dealing with infertility, we were advised to pursue surrogacy to achieve our dreams of having a family. We were thankfully referred to Adele van der Walt Inc. and their team to help us with the process. We found them highly organised, informative, and efficient. We are so grateful to have had their help and will hopefully return to them for assistance for a second surrogacy journey.


Dear Adele van der Walt Inc, Firstly, I am very grateful for the opportunity of hope in life.
I was once depressed as to how I should start my own family while I am a lesbian.
For many years I kept this to myself and coming out to friends and family has assisted me to journey in meeting up with Adele van der Walt Attorneys. We also came in with a lot of parenting questions and life uncertainty and certainties.

K & L

To whom it may concern
It is an absolute privilege for us to write this letter of recommendation for Adele van der Walt Inc. to anyone considering surrogacy.
As a same-sex couple we made the massive decision of expanding our family after many years of tribulation and consideration. For us, the best option would be surrogacy. We found ourselves at a complete loss of knowledge on how to go about – who knew what a maze surrogacy could be!